Ava and Rose Boutique – Aussie Design Day 26 Jan


Four: Ava and Rose Boutique   Hello you gorgeous creatures! Our next Aussie Design Day designer and maker is Ava and Rose Boutique, who specialise in vintage-style playsuits for girls of all ages. Let me start by saying, oh my gosh, Read more ›

The Soda Press Co – Aussie Design Day 26th Jan

Two: The Soda Press Co. Didn’t we have fun taste-testing the four delicious offerings from The Soda Press Co! Their four different cordials in fab vintage-style medicine bottles with awesomely designed labels (for my design-geek friends) are wonderful! Working with Read more ›

Whileaway Guides: Aussie Design Day 26th Jan

One: While Away Travel Guides Whileaway Guides are fantastic! These little travel guides are not like your traditional travel guides, but instead pocket-sized, beautifully designed and printed (for you design geeks!), only containing the best of everything for each destination. So Read more ›