Dear Friends,

for the moment, I am going on hiatus…

I’m sure there are not enough of you who desperately want me to write (this is not a call for flattery, but absolutely serious!) and spend the large amount of time that I do on this blog.

Although Mrs Jones Vintage has been my ‘baby’ for the past 4 years, I have decided to give her a rest. She requires a lot of tending to as well as a lot of thought and love.

I have Mrs Jones & Me and this is where my passion lies, working with creatives and micro-business women who want to learn about growing their business and who need a hand to hold along the way. I will also continue to feature amazing Aussie creatives, designers, makers and doers on this site – so please follow me there – I’d really love to keep in touch if this is your interest! If you require this service, please get in touch by clicking the Mrs Jones & Me link or through the menu.

For all of my vintage lovers, don’t forget Mrs Jones Inc on Pinterest for all things vintage and delicious! xx

Thank you all, I have adored sharing with you and hope to meet again.

With love,
Mrs Jones x

February in Pictures…

mrs jones vintage photo a day
Sergeant Karen M. Hermiston of the Canadian Women’s Army Corps, holding a Rolleiflex camera, Ottawa, October 5, 1944.


I’ve decided to make February picture month!

A picture a day is what we will do
and I’d really love if you’d snap along too…

I’ll focus on home and the things we hold dear
And I’ll do all I can to make images clear.

I can’t wait to see what you each think up
A baby, a couch or tea in a cup

You can post your images here on the blog
Over on Facebook or Instagram’s log.

Let’s do this together and have us some fun
We’ll capture our pictures from dusk until dawn

Feb two zero fifteen we’ll remember so clear
and keep all the images that we’ll hold so dear…

  1. outside home
  2. inside home
  3. garden
  4. favourite plant
  5. you
  6. partner or your dark side
  7. kids or your light side
  8. pet
  9. love
  10. handwriting
  11. car
  12. handbag or wallet
  13. bed
  14. what do you love in the kitchen
  15. cooking
  16. most cherished keepsake
  17. in the closet
  18. something you cannot do without
  19. favourite view from your place
  20. tea or coffee?
  21. hands
  22. favourite shoes
  23. night night
  24. wakey wakey
  25. hello
  26. goodbye
  27. favourite jeans
  28. Friday night

I hope you enjoy! And please post your works of awesome!

Happy Aussie Design Day!

MRS jones vintage design australia day

Hello friends,

I was going to bring you 15 amazing Aussie Design & Creative Businesses by this Australia Day, but as I’m battling serious health issues I could only make it to six…

*Sniff, sniff*

But you know what?

I will argue that these awesome businesses are six of the absolute best that Australia has to offer, not only her fair inhabitants, but those further afield, so honestly I don’t feel as bad as I could.

Here’s a round-up of the six stars I chose (and by the way guys, I didn’t just randomly choose these businesses. Each applied, I researched here and afar and then made my decisions, so there were a much larger number who didn’t make the cut, so you can be assured that these guys are the rockstars of Aussie Creative Design!)…

Mrs jones vintage while away guide
Whileaway Guides

One: visit Whileaway Guides

mrs jones vintage
The Soda Press Co.

Two: visit The Soda Press Co.

mrs jones vintage australia day design
Everingham + Watson

Three: visit Everingham + Watson

mrs jones vintage
Ava and Rose Boutique

Four: visit Ava and Rose Boutique

Hello Table's, Summer Table
Hello Table’s, Summer Table

Five: visit Author, Jodie Blight at Hello Table

mrs jones vintage
The Manual Arts DEpt.

Six: visit The Manual Arts DEpt.

And now comes the exciting part! If you’d like to win a bounty consisting of bits and bobs from these amazing Aussie companies, I’d like you to tell me: ‘What Makes Australia Awesome?’. Leave it in the comments section and we shall chose a winner from the selection of comments.

Good luck friends, and remember, I don’t have time for mucking about (after all, I’m not well!), so the decision of the judges is final and no correspondence or nastiness will be entered into. Oh, and the competition is only open to Australian residents because, believe me, nobody can afford our postage overseas!

Loving you all and wishing you a very happy and safe Australia Day!

With Love
Mrs Jones x

Manual Arts Dept. – Aussie Design Day Jan 26th

MRS jones vintage design australia day

Six: Manual Arts DEpt.

mrs jones vintage


If you’ve not heard about the Manual Arts DEpt. or M.A.D.E you are certainly missing out on some amazingly talented and creative handcrafted timber goods for the home.

Run by the delightful David and Carol, they design amazing timber pieces for the home that come with a large dose of joy and positivity and their philosophy is to produce designs that are not just emotionally engaging, but functional too and I’d say they’re spot on!

mrs jones vintage

Each piece is designed and made to order right here in Australia, in regional northern NSW to be exact, and as well as that all of their designs utilise sustainably sourced timber.


You can purchase any of M.A.D.E’s designs from their Etsy Store which I encourage you to visit and take the time to look around and pick a piece to have personalised for that special person in your life!

David and Carol’s designs don’t just look good, but they’re smart too. This fab fish smartphone speaker (below) actually boosts and improves sound. It’s totally unique in that it provides richer and more balanced tones compared to regular speakers, which doesn’t surprise me as it’s made from a natural source. And as well as sounding good, I’d be pretty happy having this little fishy sitting on my desk!


Many thanks to David and Carol for sending me through one of their designs, ‘There’s No Place Like Home Wooden Pennant’ so that I could see exactly what these pieces look like close up. I’ve got to say I was not disappointed. They’re well made, the quality is top-notch, as is the design which is totally original, collectable and this piece is your very own little piece of Australiana and fun too!


I’m so impressed with David and Carol’s little company, Manual Art’s DEpt. and congratulate them on their innovative and useable designs that are simply gorgeous as well. By utilising sustainable timber for their designs they’re also helping to reduce their footprint on this earth so they should be congratulated for that too! I do hope that they have continued success, not just here in Australia but show the world exactly what we can do with a few slices of eco-sourced timber and plywood!

With love,
Mrs Jones x

Summer Table – Aussie Design Day 26 Jan

MRS jones vintage design australia day

Five: Jodie Blight, Author & Cook, Hello Table

mrs jones vintage

The very busy Jodie Blight has created a wonderful Aussie Cookbook that we all need this Summer, called oddly enough, Summer Table and  it’s full of delicious, simple and inspiring dishes for all types of tables and it’s a world first! You’ll have to read on to find out why…


Jodie has written a great book that will solve your dinner dilemma – and frankly, who doesn’t suffer from this EVERY SINGLE NIGHT?!

Ahem… Back to the review!


Summer Table isn’t just a great Aussie Cookbook, but it is a ‘Techbook’ too. You see, every recipe is accompanied by a QR code – so all you need to do is scan the meal you’ve decided on and it will generate a shopping list on your phone. How awesome is that?! And, the clever Jodie created a world’s first with it! Hooray for her!

mrs jones vintage

In fact, we had a play with it and decided to work out a weeks worth of dinner and had no troubles at all!

Summer Table is such a pleasure to read with every recipe simply laid out with a wonderfully appetising photograph (thanks to Robyn Charnley) , clear instructions and the fab QR code.


During my review time for this book I’ve had at least 5 friends try and take it home (one singleton, one married no kids, and the rest married with kids – so it really is appealing to all demographics)! They absolutely loved it – from the clear photography, the simple recipes and most of all the super appetising and new twists on old favourite meals as well as some more exotic fare.


The very clever and hardworking mama is currently working on a book for winter, guess what that’ll be called? Go and visit her website – www.hellotable.com.au – for the great story of how Summer Table came about and that, my friends is where you’ll find her book as well as the App and a few other goodies!


I think Jodie has done a fabulous job and with the very clever and easily used QR codes this book make it an absolute winner! Summer Table shows the world just how Aussies eat and how bloody smart we are too!! The very kind Jodie has very generously supplied the copy of Summer Table to become part of our competition booty, so stay tuned for that one – coming to a table near you!

My baby isn’t a baby anymore…

She’s growing up so very fast…

IMG_5434 IMG_5432 IMG_5431

18-months very soon. Darling Edie, I prayed for you and I was given a very special gift… A girl with confidence, determination, amazing skill and laughs…

Also, a girl that has caused 2 years of back issues that I’m going to have surgery for… but I wouldn’t take it back for anything. Ever. Love you Miss Edith x

Ava and Rose Boutique – Aussie Design Day 26 Jan

MRS jones vintage design australia day

Four: Ava and Rose Boutique

mrs jones vintage


Hello you gorgeous creatures!

Our next Aussie Design Day designer and maker is Ava and Rose Boutique, who specialise in vintage-style playsuits for girls of all ages.

Let me start by saying, oh my gosh, these playsuits are just so gorgeous, and the delightfully vintage Suzanne is the super-talented woman who designs and makes these wonders! That’s her below, modelling one of her lovely playsuits.

mrs jones vintage

To be honest Melbourne isn’t a great place to find makers of vintage-style clothing – most of us who are into vintage dressing need to get online and go on a virtual flight to the good ol’ US of A to find the majority of dresses and cute bits and bobs, but thankfully, Suzanne is leading the way for Aussie vintage-style design with these beautiful creations which you can purchase via her Etsy store.

Ava and Rose Boutique specialise in playsuits that can be worn for bed or for play and if you’re choosing the latter, you’ll be thrilled with the new wraparound skirts designed to pop over your playsuit for a bit of modesty when you decide it’s time to venture outwards for a lunch date!

mrs jones vintage

Suzanne sent me a beautiful little playsuit that matches the skirt above so that I could photograph it. Here, friends is my disclaimer: I’m awaiting back surgery and my getting out and about options are rather limited – as is my ability to produce a pro photo! and normally I’d NEVER even think of such a thing, but I wanted you to see that there are options to these playsuits!

In the end my model was an 11-year-old girl, the daughter of a friend, who had a fab time and we took a heap of pictures, but I prefer to keep kids safe online, so I kept these to a minimum. But please, don’t let this put you off, because I’ve worked out that not only does a playsuit appeal to pin ups and vintage sirens, it also appeals in a very big way to little girls who want to look pretty, feminine and individual. And as we all know it’s very difficult to find feminine, fun clothing for little girls that doesn’t look waaaay too grown up or, to be honest kinda slutty.

mrs jones vintage

Each Ava and Rose playsuit is functional too because there are snaps in the right area, so you don’t have to take the whole thing off when you need to ‘powder your nose’.  And the playsuits are named as tributes to Hollywood style icons, sirens, sweethearts and fictional characters from the 30’s through to 60’s.

All Ava and Rose clothing is proudly Aussie made in beachside Melbourne, no less, from only 100% pure cotton and come in S, M & L and you’ll be happy to know that Suzanne has no intention of letting things get out of hand. Her mission is to ensure all pieces are made-to-order, in small production runs, keeping the brand exclusive for you!

So Suzanne I’ve got to say a huge thank you for providing me with a playsuit to ‘play with’, photograph and see just how easy and fun they are to wear (I literally had to wrestle it off the 11-year-old who wanted to keep it desperately!).

You’ll also be very happy to know that Suzanne has made two very special hair rosettes to pop into our winners Aussie Design Day bounty, so keep your eyes peeled for that competition!

With love,
Mrs Jones x

Everingham & Watson – Aussie Design Day 26th Jan

MRS jones vintage design australia day

Three: Everingham & Watson

Mrs jones vintage

Hello darling friends,

our next most delicious Aussie Design Day company is Everingham & Watson, a truly Aussie company made up of two longtime friends, creative partners and HUGE lovers of the Aussie lifestyle.

All of their products are designed and manufactured right here in Australia and, like me, they’re committed to Aussie design and make the effort to collaborate with printers, sewers, manufacturers and their other suppliers to ensure that there products are ‘100% true blue!’.

mrs jones vintage
Susie Everingham has a lovely combination of both the creative and business about her, whilst the delightful Liz Watson has been in the arts and design scene both here and overseas and is the product designer behind the brand.
mrs jones vintage

The girls sent me some of the most awesome and iconic tea towels that I instantly fell in love with!

mrs jones vintage australia day design

You see when we chatted about my little Aussie celebration and they told me that they’d send  me some product, I cannot tell you just how excited I was when I saw what came in the mail.

You know that little girl in the movie ‘Despicable Me’ who says, “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!”?


I actually have that very same reaction when I see anything mid-century Australiana or kitsch – my husband and son are so used to it that they won’t let me go into country Op Shops for that very reason – because I go a little weak at the knees and squeal excitedly when I find it!

So when I happened upon the amazingly kitsch (in all love, girls, in total love!) Australiana bits and bobs scattered throughout the incredibly stylish, all-Aussie Everingham & Watson range, I knew this was the brand for me.

Forever. (My son, upon reading over my shoulder, just gave me ‘that’ look – the one with one eyebrow up – and said, “seriously Mum, forever?”, and I looked back with my eyebrow raised and said, “yes, Dec, forever.”) We often have these conversations… But back to the important stuff…

Mrs jones vintage

Thank you Susie and Liz for your extra-special brand of creativity and business acumen that has led you upon the path to Everingham & Watson because baby, it’s a fab store with a great range that is gonna send me broke super soon!

Love to all of my darlings,

Mrs Jones x